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Kitchen Trends

When planning a remodel, staying on top of the latest kitchen trends can help you to avoid building a kitchen that will look dated in a few years.

At the same time, most homeowners don't want to be out front on a hot kitchen trend that fizzles out prematurely, leaving them with a "formerly hip" kitchen. What do you do?

Review the trends we've identified here, and then use this knowledge to enhance the designs that you already love. Above all, if you plan to keep your home, remember: your personal style is paramount.


  •  What I've seen in recent kitchen trends is a swing toward the middle in terms of wood grain patterns, as well as a shift toward more interesting and exotic wood species, especially in modern kitchens. Walnut, cherry, beech, and birch wood continue to be popular. Oak is still used, but in rift or quartersawn cuts that result in straighter grain patterns, completely hiding the sweeping cathedral grain pattern of plain sawn oak so prevalent in '80s kitchens.
  • Knock on Wood: Red Oak was a wildly popular hardwood that was overused across America in the 1970s and '80s. Many homeowners are simply tired of it. "Golden Oak," that yellowish brown finish used on Oak cabinets that turns even more yellow with age, is exactly what many folks are tearing out of their homes. The wood also has a tremendous amount of grain that is a bit too busy by today's standards.
  • Dueling Tones: From what we've seen, two-tone kitchens are still highly popular, especially in modern designs. Too much of one color can be either boring or overpowering, so mixing things up with a different color on the island or hood is a great way to keep the space from looking monotone.


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